• Super Absorbent Polymer Sodium Polyacrylate Powder Price
  • Super Absorbent Polymer Sodium Polyacrylate Powder Price
  • Super Absorbent Polymer Sodium Polyacrylate Powder Price
  • Super Absorbent Polymer Sodium Polyacrylate Powder Price
  • Super Absorbent Polymer Sodium Polyacrylate Powder Price
  • Super Absorbent Polymer Sodium Polyacrylate Powder Price

Super Absorbent Polymer Sodium Polyacrylate Powder Price

CAS No.: 9003-1-4
Type: Other
Appearance: Powder
Quality: Industrial
Colour: White
Molecular Weight: 3500 Million
US$ 1/kg 1 kg(Min.Order)
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Basic Info.

Model NO.
Sodium Polyacrylate
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Product Description

Super Absorbent Polymer Sodium Polyacrylate Powder Price
Sodium Polyacrylate

This strain of water-soluble polymer, have extremely strong thickening water function, product purity is high, the performance is very stable, odourless, tasteless, far not corruption, "in the United States FDA, the Japanese ministry, the ministry of health of China approved the use of food additives, harmless to human body, easy to preserve and storage, as non-dangerous goods.
Super Absorbent Polymer Sodium Polyacrylate Powder Price
Appearance White powder
Solid content ≥95%
Molecular weight 3500 million
viscosity 650-750
PH value 7-9
sulfate ≤0.4%
Residual monomer ≤1%

1.The protein in raw material powder binder force;
2.The powder particles together, scattered into the mesh structure of protein;
3.Make raw material (dough) forming dense surface bright and clean;
4.Material (dough) become stable colloid, thus avoiding the soluble starch leakage;
5.The moisture in wet sex is very strong, make the raw material uniform distribution, prevent dry;
6.Enhance the ductility of the material;
7.Grease composition is uniformly distributed in the raw powder, keep its stability;
Super Absorbent Polymer Sodium Polyacrylate Powder Price
Super Absorbent Polymer Sodium Polyacrylate Powder Price

Method of appilcation:
Fast mixing water, slow evenly to join the polyacrylic acid sodium powder, stirring for 10 minutes, after being particle suspension swelling, static dissolved in 2 hours.Different water quality (soft water, hard water) dissolved sodium polyacrylate, viscosity vary widely. It is advisable to suggest soft water dissolved.The effect of salt concentration, sodium polyacrylate viscosity decreases with increasing the concentration of salt.Food add scale: s2g/kg

Application field
1.For noodles
Polyacrylate sodium water absorption swelling after the formation of the crosslinking network, cross each other with the gluten network, prevent the starch in flour particles dissolve in the water;Improve flour water absorption and the degree of gelatinization, enhance the strength of dough, improve noodles after water and boiling resistance, viscoelasticity, make the noodles no paste surface is smooth, smooth taste, fresh role at the same timeReduce the production cost, improve food grade, improve taste to extend the shelf life:Decrease the rate of the instant noodles Fried food such as oil absorption, oil saving.
2.For flour products
Strengthen flour protein adhesive power, prevent the soluble starch and seepage nutrients and improve the ductility of the dough, improve the taste and flavor, restrain food such as bread cake caused by natural dry aging phenomenon, saving raw materials;Strengthen flour products (hemp ball, cakes, the wrappers, tangyuan) protein in the cell adhesion, make the dough ductility better, improve moisturizing effect, increase transparency, reduce the frost crack, improve the taste.
3.For meat products
To improve protein fibre viscoelastic and elongation, add meat, taste, reduce the cost.add in meat ball, fish ball, sausage, can make the products better flavor, taste more chewiness.add to fish meat products, canned food, can be used as surface jiaodong agent, strengthening organization increase fresh on the palate.add in artificial meat, can improve protein fibre viscoelasticity and pull litre, greatly increase the sex appeal.
4.For freezing cold drinks
Cold drinks products add polyacrylic acid sodium, can increase the section of wire drawing, garland, chewiness and bite.Polyacrylic acid sodium thickening effect is better than the fixed powder, can prevent aging, anti, raw, taste great, good transparency, the milk powder has binding effect, the starch molecules into the reticular structure of proteins, increase the forming effect and strength, swelling volume and puffing rate increase at the same time, reduce cost increase corresponding water, do not add milk, only need to add sugar.
5. For Ice garments fresh
Polyacrylic acid sodium solution has excellent adhesion, can block metal ions, in front of the freezing process can form the air "ice", greatly extend the freshness of fish and shrimp meat and other frozen foods, fresh effect is remarkable., polyacrylic acid sodium solution can absorb and store a lot of cold energy in low temperature, the high temperature and can release a large amount of cold quantity, around a long time to maintain itself and small scale low temperature environment.
6. For jam
Sodium polyacrylate in all kinds of sauce as a thickener and stabilizer, can improve the sense of smell and taste, to increase its viscosity and keep its shape for a long time.

Other Application field
1.For feed
Sodium polyacrylate with high safety, no side effect, and special adhesive water pasting resistance, By adding the eel, turtle, shrimp, fish and all kinds of aquatic product feed pigs and chickens and ducks and other poultry feed, the feed can increase the bonding degree between uniform integrity, ensure feeding 1 material particles, pasting, and not in the water to save feed, aquaculture has improve meat quality closely, the function of gaining weight increment.
2.For medicine
Sodium polyacrylate in medicine can be used as medicine slurry thickening agent, stabilizer, and drugs of agent, the agent and ointment topical ointment and wet sticking wetting agent and binder. The water-soluble polyacrylic acid sodium solution after water formed gel is soft, with human body adaptability, no stimulation, no side effects to human skin, inflammation and cause blood clots, etc, make its can is widely used in medicine- make medicine sauce, ointment and other base;- making patches drugs for external use only, the cooling stick;- make surgery liner, nursing after the operation, mattress, medical vampire paper;- making big water content, use comfortable topical ointment;Making absorbing overflow fluid, prevent rotting and sterilization deodorant injury bandage;- production release drugs, microcapsule, cream, emulsion, gauze, antithrombotic drugs, artificial skin, birth control pills, artificial organs, soft contact lens, hot compress agent;
3.For cosmetics
Sodium polyacrylate in cosmetics thickening, stable dispersion, suspension, etc, after adding to thickening of cosmetics, contract, stability, emulsification, dispersion, bonding, film and water etc;Due to spice has better adsorption and slow release effect, making skin cream, perfume and toilet water, fresh air, glue, paper and aromatic fragrance gel pieces and the process of cosmetics, can prevent the spices and the volatilization of alcohol, keep fragrance lasting;Skin cream paste: more exquisite burnish, wipe the less greasy feeling, improve the quality of the paste;Shampoo: to improve the rational comb, improvement of wet and dry hair, improve hair gloss, smooth feeling;Soap, bath: significantly more exquisite foam, liquidity is reduced, easy to stay in each part of the hands, face and body and not slide, after washing the skin smooth, and remove the peculiar smell;Tackifier, gel water, has good film-forming property, hair dry when the wave resistance, and hydrophilic easy to remove when shampoo; Add the hair dye, can improve the effect of hair color;(kitchen cleaners, food, detergent, pet cleaning agents, etc.) : create a wide range of viscosity and liquidity, the insoluble components permanently suspended in the system, improve the stability of the products, prolong storage life, improve the quality of products.
4.For toothpaste
Polyacrylate sodium is added in the toothpaste manufacture, can have the obvious glue, informs function, due to the replace of polyacrylic acid sodium uniformity is good,, so the squeeze toothpaste to appear bright, delicate, have heat preservation, solid perfume, washable and high temperature resistant effect and so on.Sodium polyacrylate paper adhesive can be done in tobacco smoke.
5.Can also do dispersant, filter aid, flocculant


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